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DXT, you are a very deluted individual, not posting any thing someone made is not a crime, nor is it anywhere near as childish and talentless as stealing OTHER peoples work, using fucking caveman style methods to "make" a "cartoon". You use GoAnimate, you STEAL other people's characters and drawings and you don't even have flash, so fucking lay off these people who ACTUALLY know what they're talking about. You are worse than someone who has nothing on this site, you post the shit of the shit. You use models and hot chicks as your thumbnail to get people to view your shit, which is pathetic, and the actual material is fucking horrendous. So fuck off and stop "making" videos.
Fuck you

DXT responds:

Seriously loser. A person who rips on someone who uses flash to promote their animations are just as bad as people who act like they know everything when they don't. If you actually had a brain in that horrendous thing you call a head then you would think before posting something in writing that can be used against you, now run along and cut yourself you emo b*tch.